Start a naloxone program

In WA, any organization can obtain naloxone for staff or to distribute to others who may have or witness an overdose.

Overdose prevention/rescue kitHow to start a naloxone program

Overdose prevention and naloxone distribution can be easily integrated into programs that work with people at risk for overdose such as housing agencies, health care services, substance use treatment programs, and other supportive service programs.

To start a naloxone program at your agency:

To start a naloxone program at your agency:

  1. Consult with staff, volunteers, board of directors, and clients on what needs and opportunities exist at your agency for overdose prevention and naloxone.
  2. Review the Naloxone for Community Agencies guide. It answers basic questions about laws, liability, naloxone safety, purchasing, and other logistics.
  3. Review the Washington Statewide Standing Order to Dispense Naloxone and the requirements for different types of programs and decide if you only want to have naloxone available for staff use, or if your agency also wants to distribute naloxone to clients or patients.
  4. Select and purchase which naloxone product(s) you will use, or contact the Washington State Department of Health to see if your program qualifies for free naloxone.
  5. Develop protocols for storing, using and/or distributing naloxone, and for training staff. (sample protocols here)
  6. Train staff on how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose and how to administer naloxone. Consider how you will provide this training for new staff or as a refresher for staff later on. (Sample training materials here)

There are also specific options and resources for naloxone for law enforcement/first responders and healthcare providers including emergency departments.


Resources for developing naloxone programs

SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Toolkit