Support for families

If you have a loved one struggling with opioids, these resources may be helpful for you and other family members. In this section: Emotional support Advocacy and education Emotional support    Not One More: Seattle chapter. Family education, grief support fellowship, community awareness. Al-Anon: Al-Anon and AlaTeen meetings across WA State. CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family […]

Sample protocols

These are sample standing orders and protocols for overdose response and naloxone administration developed by counties and organizations in WA State. Standing orders Washington Statewide Standing Order for Naloxone Clallam County Clark County Thurston County   Community agency/drug treatment protocols Downtown Emergency Services Center (homeless and housing services) Point Defiance AIDS Projects (syringe exchange) Evergreen Treatment Services (opioid […]

WA State Opioid Plan

The Washington State Opioid and Overdose Response Plan is the state’s comprehensive strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with opioids.   State government agencies, local health departments, professional groups, and community organizations are working together to implement these priority goals, strategies, and actions throughout the state.   Communities are encouraged to use this plan as […]

Learn about naloxone

Learn about naloxone, compare products, and read the latest research about naloxone. In this section: What is naloxone? How it works Naloxone products Naloxone Laws in WA Support for take-home naloxone Research What is naloxone?   Naloxone Quick Facts infosheet. Naloxone is a prescription medicine that temporarily stops the effect of opioids. This helps a person […]

Learn about opioid overdose

Overdose 101: Learn how to prevent, recognize and take action in an overdose. In this section: What are opioids? What causes overdose? What to do in an opioid overdose What are opioids? Opioids bind to specific receptors in the brain that reduce the transmission of pain signals throughout the body. Opioids include: heroin prescription pain medications like: […]

Watch a training video

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to save a life. Watch these short videos to learn: what causes an opioid overdose how to recognize an opioid overdose what to do in case of overdose how to give naloxone WA State Overdose Prevention and Response Training from This training video covers overdose risks, the WA […]

Find naloxone near you

Find the closest naloxone pharmacy or program to you using our map or listing by county. In this section: Naloxone in WA State There are three ways to get naloxone in Washington State: Pharmacy with prescription: Any prescriber can write a prescription for naloxone and any pharmacy can fill that prescription. For more information, see […]

Start a naloxone program

In WA, any organization can obtain naloxone for staff or to distribute to others who may have or witness an overdose. In this section: How to start a naloxone program Resources for developing programs How to start a naloxone program Overdose prevention and naloxone distribution can be easily integrated into programs that work with people at risk […]

Prevent prescription opioid misuse

Prevent prescription opioid misuse with proper use, storage, and disposal. In this section: Using opioids safely Prescribing in WA Storage Disposal Prescription stewardship in WA State Youth Prevention Using prescription opioids safely While prescription opioids can be safe and effective to reduce pain, they can also have serious  side effects, including risk of use disorder […]

Good Samaritan Law

Overdose victims and responders have legal protections in Washington State. In this section: Laws in WA State FAQs WA State Good Samaritan materials Evaluation of the law Good Samaritan laws in other states Laws in WA State In WA State, anyone trying to help in a medical emergency is generally protected from civil liabilities by RCW 4.24.300. […]