For Professionals

More than one fatal overdose occurs in WA every day. More Washingtonians die every year from overdoses than from car crashes. Most drug overdoses involve a prescription medication used with other drugs or alcohol. Most of these deaths can be prevented with fast medical help.

    • If you think you’re witnessing a drug overdose and seek medical help, you will receive immunity from criminal charges of drug possession. The overdose victim you’re helping is protected, too. Call 911.
    • The law also expands access to Narcan™  (generic name naloxone), an opioid antagonist that reverses the effect of overdose from opioids.

Under the Washington state 911 Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Law, immunitydoes not extend to outstanding warrants, probation or parole violations, drug manufacture or delivery, controlled substances homicide, or crimes other than drug possession.

WATCH: Seattle Police training video about Washington’s 911 Good
Samaritan Law and naloxone.