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Find Naloxone Near You

Washington State Naloxone Finder

Naloxone is now available over-the-counter at many pharmacies. It’s also available using the Statewide Standing Order for Naloxone and insurance; if you have Apple Health (WA Medicaid) there’s no copay. Please purchase naloxone, or use your insurance if you’re able to do so. Otherwise, you can find free naloxone near you with the map below.

All pharmacies in Washington are able to provide naloxone to people directly, without a prescription. Many now also stock over-the-counter naloxone. Call ahead to check availability.

      To add your Washington State program to this list, please send an email to .

      Mail Order Naloxone

      In WA State, individuals can order free naloxone online and have it delivered directly to their home. The mail order program is meant for people who can’t easily go to a community organization or a pharmacy to get a kit. If you work with a program that would like to request naloxone to distribute, check out the WA Dept of Health’s Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution Program.

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