The Center for Drug Safety & Services Education (formerly the Center for Opioid Safety Education (COSE)) offers education and technical assistance for individuals, professionals, and communities in Washington State who want to learn how to prevent and intervene in opioid addiction and overdose.

We aim to reduce fatalities from opioid overdose by:

COSE staff can provide:

Community and Professional Education

  • Online, instant feedback overdose prevention/naloxone training via (online personal risk assessment coming soon!)

  • In-person and video conference training for groups on:
    • Trends in WA opioid use and overdose
    • Understanding opioid use/misuse, addiction
    • Treatment options for opioid use disorder (addiction)
    • Recognizing and responding to opioid overdose
    • Washington State's Good Samaritan and Overdose/Naloxone Law
  • Customized continuing education on opioid use, overdose prevention, and naloxone for health care providers, pharmacists, chemical dependency professionals, social service providers, and other professionals

  • Access to print and web-based opioid overdose education resources

Contact us for training, consultation, and more:
Alison Newman