Local data on opioids

Find Washington state data and published reports on opioids, overdose, and other drug use topics.


  • “Overdose Followup Interventions: After Naloxone What’s Next?” 2/5/18: recording, slides.
  • “Fentanyl in Washington” 10/18/17: recording, slides.

ADAI Opioid Trends interactive data maps

Find ADAI Opioid Trends interactive charts with data on:

– the number and rate of overdose deaths,
– treatment admissions,
– statewide opioid sales,
– and police evidence testing data for opioids and other drugs.


Data can be viewed by geography, by drug, and by source.


Move your cursor over the line or click on a data count or rate to learn more about it. Or click on an item in the legend to hide that data series.


Download charts to use in handouts or in presentations, or present interactive data from the website.


Look at county-level data on opioids and treatment over time.

Other resources

Washington State Drug Overdose Quarterly Report (view in Chrome)

Overdose death and hospitalization data by different regions.

Healthy Youth Survey

Biannual survey of adolescent health conducted among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders in WA public schools. Includes data on substance use. Customizable reports by county, school district, or health topic.

Recent data reports)

View more reports on opioids and other drugs on the University of Washington’s Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute’s Publications page.